Notes for an address to the May Court Club of Brockville

April 01, 2014

Thank you for being here today to celebrate the awarding of the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award to the May Court Club of Brockville.

Many volunteers—individuals, not-for-profit organizations or local businesses—make exceptional contributions to improve the well-being of Canadian families and their communities.
These volunteers show us that the best solutions to the challenges that face Canadian families and communities are often developed, delivered and led locally.

The Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards were created for two main reasons: first, to recognize exceptional contributions that individual volunteers, not-for-profit organizations and local businesses make to improve the well-being of families and their communities; and second, to highlight the best practices in community leadership that these outstanding volunteers have developed.

The Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards consist of 17 awards in total: 15 regional awards – and 2 national awards.
This year the May Court Club is being recognized as a social innovator for its work in this community
The May Court Club of Brockville is a small service organization of about 150 women who are committed to enriching their community by providing financial and volunteer support to individuals and organizations.
They enhance the lives of members of their community.

Funds are raised through the operation of the organization’s Thrift Shop by member volunteers and students, and through regular fundraising events aided by donations from area businesses and individuals to provide this support to those within the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

May Court has made a huge long-term impact by partnering with the City and Brockville Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee, and contributing more than $60,000 towards the acquisition and completion of a barrier-free playground structure and gazebo family leisure area.

This area has made a considerable difference in the community as both able and disabled families and children can now enjoy a safe, comfortable and fun environment together.

May Court’s contribution greatly reduced costs to the City and its residents, while supporting the students of St. Lawrence College Brockville Campus, who constructed the gazebo.

May Court's School Nutrition Program has regularly supplied nine Brockville elementary schools with healthy snacks and beverages since 1969.

In 2013, this was expanded to include five additional schools in outlying areas. This helps to ensure that students do not go without some sort of nutrition should the need arise. A dedicated member purchases and personally delivers items to each school.

The Club has also contributed $5,000 to the Brockville General Hospital towards the purchase of an Isotope machine, which alleviates the need for residents to travel outside the area to obtain testing in early diagnosis, reduction and treatment of cancer.

This year, members also collected and donated 136 sleepers and baskets containing other necessities to the Hospital’s Maclean Maternal Child Unit for new mothers in financial need. This is a continuing service the Club offers.
May Court provides financial and volunteer support to more than 30 organizations in the counties and to individuals in need for medical and dental treatments.

It also employs students and recycles clothing and household items through its Thrift Shop. Money generated from the shop is donated to non-profit charitable organizations and individuals in need within the community.
The Club’s contributions have helped to reduce the financial burden placed on municipalities by reducing the economic strain on social services, health care, education, employment and the environment.

So I am pleased to acknowledge the work that the club has done and to publically recognize them at this time.
I should note as well, that nominations are open again now for this year and they will remain open until May 9. Complete details can be obtained at

Thank you all again for being here today.