Speech to the House of Commons

February 01, 2014

Mr. Speaker.

On Saturday I was pleased to attend events in support of Prescott, Ontario’s, bid for the title of Kraft Hockeyville 2014.

People in that community have embarked on a huge campaign to earn a spot in the nominations for that title, and have spent many hours outside in the cold and snow holding parades and rallies.

Beyond the usual rallies and festivities associated with the bids for this title, members of the community are hoping to collect 2,014 Kraft food items for the Food For All Food Bank in their community.

They are decorating their houses and other structures in the blue and yellow colors of the competition’s sponsor.

Prescott's own NHL Hall of Famer, Leo Boivin, who played with the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs in the late 1950s and 60s, and whose name graces the local arena, has thrown his support behind the group.

I encourage everyone to help support this group so that Prescott win the title of Hockeyville 2014.