Statement in the House of Commons

March 04, 2013

Mr. Speaker, one in five Canadian jobs is generated through exports.

But while our Government is engaged in the most ambitious pro-trade plan in Canadian history, the NDP is stuck in their archaic, anti-trade ideology.

Here’s what the NDP's Trade Critics have said.

One former critic said he supports the efforts of big union bosses to stop any further trade negotiations with Korea, Japan, and the European Union and another described free trade agreements as QUOTE “job destroying” END QUOTE.

Yet another former trade critic, the Member for Burnaby New Westminster, said free trade has QUOTE "cost Canadians dearly." END QUOTE

Mr. Speaker, Canadians support opening new markets to increase Canadian exports to create jobs and economic growth here at home.

While the NDP stand consistently against all free trade deals, our Conservative Government is standing up for the interests hard-working Canadians.